Ladies and Gentlemen, Do you like movies? I do. If you do, can I assume that you’ve seen at least one movie that has moved you or entertained you beyond anything you’d ever imagined before. You have haven’t you? Next time that happens, I implore you to sit and watch...

2013 Around the Bay

I would have live tracked my ride on the day with Runkeeper, but GPS eats my phone’s battery. So I had to record it after the fact. but in lieu of that I used twitter to keep family updated on my progress — they wanted to be at the finish,...

365 Project… FAILED

I’m going to have to call it… The 365 Project of 2013 has failed. I think I got to about 6 months before I started to slip. And by the time I got to last month I was going a week before trying to catch up. These last two weeks...

Over a year of regular bike commuting: a cost comparison

So Bicycle Network’s Ride2Work team posted this today, and it got me thinking. In the last 14 months, how true are these figures for us, and what has the difference been in cost between our car and my bike? Of course this is for our situation and for our location. Your mileage...


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