Adventures in bike repair (part 1)

One was my dad’s old Giant Yukon that got ridden by him a handful of times before it went to my sibling and was left in the weather for a few years. The gear shifter cables had busted out of their casings and the drive train had never been overhauled....


Ladies and Gentlemen, Do you like movies? I do. If you do, can I assume that you’ve seen at least one movie that has moved you or entertained you beyond anything you’d ever imagined before. You have haven’t you? Next time that happens, I implore you to sit and watch...

2013 Around the Bay

I would have live tracked my ride on the day with Runkeeper, but GPS eats my phone’s battery. So I had to record it after the fact. but in lieu of that I used twitter to keep family updated on my progress — they wanted to be at the finish,...

365 Project… FAILED

I’m going to have to call it… The 365 Project of 2013 has failed. I think I got to about 6 months before I started to slip. And by the time I got to last month I was going a week before trying to catch up. These last two weeks...


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